Benefits of Audiobooks for Older Adults in Senior Living

Benefits of Audiobooks for Older Adults in Senior Living

From visual impairment to arthritis, a number of different health conditions can impede the ease of just “picking up a book” most people take for granted. Unfortunately, this not only interferes with the continuation of a lifelong interest, but occurs at a vulnerable time in life when many seniors could use the “escape.”

Books on Tape or Audiobooks can be an invaluable resource for older adults looking for comfort or a sense of connection with the world around them. Getting lost in a good book can be a distraction from pain, boredom, loneliness and many of the other issues faced by seniors today. It can also be a form of cognitive stimulation and a delightful way to “see the world” when other options may no longer be possible.

Getting Started with Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be played on MP3 players or a number of other listening devices, such as a cell phone or tablet. Audible is a popular source comprising more than 180,000 audio titles across a comprehensive range of genres, from classics and comedies to biographies and business. This is a great choice for avid readers who are willing and able to pay the monthly fee for unlimited access.

Other subscription-based audiobook services include Downpour and Scribd.

The Arizona Talking Book Library, offers a lending program that includes audio books and magazines, simply call a librarian at 602-255-5578.

One thing to keep in mind: While seniors are quite capable of adapting to modern technology, they can be easily overwhelmed or intimidated when first introduced. Caregivers who are patient and offer support during this learning phase can vastly facilitate the process.


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