Ancora Mission & Values

Ancora Meaning

The name Ancora means to provide hope, refuge, and support.  The name Ancora was chosen to be symbolic of the care we provide.  Ancora Home Health and Hospice will provide our patients a safe harbor of hope, refuge, and support that you need to anchor in the stormy waters of life.

Boat on Alaska Water
Ancora Nurses

Ancora Philosophy

Our employees are our most important resource. Through fair compensation and excellence in leadership, we will attract exceptional individuals and will provide for their personal and professional growth. Employees who achieve excellence in their work will be recognized and rewarded.

Excellent service to our residents, their families or caregivers, and physicians is our most important consideration. We believe satisfied employees, who are well-trained and given the opportunity for professional growth, provide the foundation for delivering the highest level of health and maximum quality of life to our patients and their caregivers.

We will provide high quality and cost-effective services, allowing Ancora the financial strength to grow and extend our services to a wider segment of a population in under and unserved areas of Alaska.

Ancora Mission

Ancora is a company built on dedication to high quality service to our patients and employees. We believe our patients must feel that the attitude of Ancora is positive and dedicated to assisting them in the fulfillment of their health care goals, whatever they may be. The quest for quality is an individual and collective journey, which can only be fulfilled if everyone focuses on the principles and standards set forth by Ancora.

Ancora Nurses

Ancora Core Values

Core values are the principles and standards of behavior that are of the greatest importance to Ancora Home Health and Hospice. Our core values were voted and decided upon by our staff.

  • Character- We do the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • Experience- We leave a positive, lasting impression always
  • Trust- We do what we say we will do and are 100% accountable

We urge you to learn these core values, remember them daily, and practice them as you serve our patients and co-workers.